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A message from our president:

I began Northern Mobile Electric Co. in 1980 and  incorporated in 1983. I took on a partner in 1998 with the intent to expand the business and provide a foundation for its future. However, the partnership has been divided.  My new company name is GMElectric, Inc.  My employees and I have NOT MOVED; we remain at the location I have been at for the past twenty-three (23) years.


GMElectric, Inc. will focus on Complete Electrical System design and custom wiring harnesses. We have a wide array of wiring supplies to meet your needs: wire, specialty cable, terminals, heat shrink, loom, multi-cavity connector systems, switches, specialty relays, solenoids, gauges, breakers and fuses, etc.


If you are in need of battery

cables, custom jumper

cables or battery cable

supplies, we can make and

ship them the same day.

Please refer to our line

card on how to order cables.


We also offer a variety of

battery chargers for golf carts,

 high lifts, multibank, smart

chargers, AC to DC converters, AC to AC and DC to DC inverters, on board chargers, new generators and generator repair.


Our toll-free number 800-223-6634 and Fax 330-477-3605 has not changed. Our new local number is 330-477-3392.


Please stop by.  If you are not local, we will gladly accept your order by phone, fax, or email shipping the same day if at all possible.  Please rest assured that we are committed to quality customer service as has been done for thirty-two (32) years. 


Thank you for your continued business,

George Mountcastle

George Mountcastle